Soon to be an anime, Mitsudomoe is a gag series depicting the school life of triplets and their wild and whimsical antics.


Mitsuba, the sadistic queen , is the eldest sister

Futaba, the perverted athlete,  is the middle child

Hitoha, the mysterious outcast, is the youngest

and of course, their the easy-to-manipulate sensei, Yabe Satoshi

One of the most anticipated series to be an anime (at least I anticipated it) , this is not a good choice for people hungry for plot or developments in the story, but it’s perfect for people looking for some laughs.

Comical with a pinch of perverse genres, this gag series is able to bring out the laughs in you. Impossible situations coupled with wacky ideas, the three sisters make their ordinary life extraodinary together with the victims of their pranks (Mostly Yabe sensei) .


With the unique art style by mangaka Sakurai Norio, the humor factor of this series is greatly amplified.  A must read for all gag fans out there. 4/5


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