Mascot Parade-

Hi people! It may be a little late for this, as most of us were busy after the event and since I’m back, let’s get down to this. But before you continue reading, please be warned of image spam, poor skills in taking the photos.

Mascot Parade, a cosplay, anime, etc etc etc etc event that was held for the launch of the Shine Youth Festival(Tell me if I am wrong) last Saturday. Basically at the event it was pretty chaotic, as the weather was bad, the crowd control was not that well, but we will never understand the efforts of the organisers , overall, it is still an enjoyable event. The amount of cosplayers there was not what I expected, since on the same day, Cosfest is going on too. Well, here are some pictures from the event so…

“What’s going on here? Follow me to find out!”

Firstly, we have the Weiss Schwarz playing/tourney area

Players in action.

“What’s behind me?It’s the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe!”
p.s, didn’t really went in so this was the only shot of the cafe. Sorry!

Well, as I mentioned, this is a Mascot Parade, so why can we miss out on the mascots! Firstly, we have mascots, Lyo and Merly, from our very own YOG thats held here this year!

“Huh, YOG, what’s that?”

“Youth Olympic Games you dummy!”

“Do support us for YOG2010!”

Yeah, as I mentioned, there was a parade, and we had to chase after it as it was moving on rather.. fast. And guess what did we see first on the other corner?


Here are some pictures from our “stalking” of the parade-

Holdon… what do we have here?

Are those who I think it is?

Well for those still pondering.. they are Alodia and her sister Ashley, famous Philippines cosplayers,

and The Mash, seiyuu for Takeshi in the anime series, Weiss Survive!

The Mash in action!

Well, that’s probably about all for my highlights for Mascot Parade, and before I end, here are some pictures of cosplayers and other mascots I took that day.

The Predators looked very lifelike and awesome. Trust me.

This made me hungry actually, no I don’t have no fetish for frogs

Oh yeah, and some Gundam Models which I snapped pictures of.

Well, that’s about all. Once again, sorry for the lateness, the image spam, and the poor skills in taking the pictures.


Darth Vader raising funds through free popcorn to rebuild Death Star

Oh by the way, something extra for the Weiss Schwarz players:

Guess who?


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