Game Review: Animal Kaiser

Animal Kaiser is an arcade game developed by Namco Bandai Games Inc. that has taken the world by storm.

As Houkago Report aims to cover everything related to the world around us, it is only natural that we venture into one of the latest crazes to hit the community.

Animal Kaiser basically involves a battle between 2 animals, and there is a wide selection of animals to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, special ailment effects such as poison and curse, as well as a proficiency in one of the three attack forms: Guts, Tech and Power. Taking a look at some of the cards however, you may question the usefulness of a card with 4500 strength and 3000 health compared to a card with 4500 strength and 4000 health. Fret not, for this is where Strong and Miracle cards come into place.

Strong cards are basically cards that power up your animal by leveling up their stats in the three attack forms. By leveling an attack form of proficiency, you will definitely see major improvements in the animal. Also, strong cards come with an extra effect called an Aura, which can have effects such as increasing strength, health etc. There are different kinds of aura that can boost your animal’s capabilities, so strong cards are a must have. Also, if you boost the animal’s attack form of proficiency to level 5, you can defeat your opponent in a single blow with the ‘Kyukyoku Ohgi’. Seems pretty interesting to me.

Miracle cards on the other hand are finishing moves that are really ridiculous, hence the name miracle. Miracle cards come in 3 different styles: Speed, Heavy and Multi. Each animal card has a style that matches with the miracle card, which boosts the animal even more. Miracle cards also come with a thing known as Miracle Effect, which can turn the entire game to your advantage when activated, so Miracle cards are a must as well.

As I was on vacation at Genting Highlands a few days ago with nothing to do, I decided to give Animal Kaiser a shot, since I’d probably get stared at and perhaps attacked by children and parents alike if I tried it out back here. To my surprise the game required a good sense of timing, and a lot of tactics are involved as well. Also there is a lot of consideration needed when deciding on the Strong and Miracle cards to use along with your animal, something that I find rare in a children’s arcade game.

I almost forgot to mention, you get a card at the end of each game, and I got a Bronze Rare from the machine, pretty surprising if you ask me. (FYI, a Bronze Rare is less rare compared to Silver, Gold and Ultra Rares, but better than a normal card.)

Giant Panda, awesome.

So that pretty much concludes my review on Animal Kaiser, and I must say that it is a pretty interesting concept and game that is definitely worth that few minutes of your time, even if it is for the lulz. If you have any spare change lying around and are near an arcade then you should totally give it a shot, though the graphics of the game aren’t really to die for. Just remember to practice basic courtesy and not hog the machine. There are definitely going to be a lot of people waiting for their turn. Also, be wary of fake cards, they’re quite rampant in the market right now.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Right, I’m off to go buy some Animal Kaiser trading figures now.


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