Sphere Members’ Individual Singles

This is just a small compilation on the information I came across for the upcoming single release rush for the musicray’n girls in november.

Tomatsu Haruka
Title: Baby Baby Love
Release date: 03/11
Track list: 
1. Baby Baby Love
2. yasashiki hibi
3. Baby Baby Love(Instrumental)

7th single of Tomatsu Haruka. Baby Baby Love is also the ending theme for Motto ToLOVEru.
CM for Baby Baby Love is up as well when Motto ToLOVEru’s first episode aired last week. Below are the tv sized length of Baby Baby Love and the CM.

Toyosaki Aki
Title: Dill
Release date: 10/11
Track list:
1. Dill
2. mitei
3. Dill(Instrumental)

3rd single of Toyosaki Aki. This time the single is collaborated with Clammbon. By the way, the previous two singles are with Rie fu and Chara. I don’t really know much about music composers so I can’t really say anything here. Dill is first played on okaeri radio #26. Fyi, okaeri radio is boardcasted every thursday on A&G+ from 23:30-24:30 Japan time. A kind soul has uploaded it on youtube.

Takagaki Ayahi
Title: Hikari no Firmento
Release date: 17/11
Track list:
1. Hikari no Firmento
2. Be with you
3. Oh Happy Day

2nd single of Takagaki Ayahi. Hikari no Firmento was composed and written by eufonius. I believe most people haveheard of eufonius before as they had been producing songs for quite a number of anime. It also seems like she worked together with Nakagawa Shoko for the production of the coupling song, I’m not sure in what way though. Think they both developed interest in each other after singing the theme songs for Seikimatsu Occult Academy. They once mentioned each other in their blogs. You can listen to the tv size length of Hikari no Firmento below. By the way it’s the second ending theme for denyuden.

Kotobuki Minako
Title: Startline
Release date: 24/11
Track list: not available yet
2nd single of Kotobuki Minako. The single included the opening and ending theme for the OVA koisento. The heroine of koisento is voiced by her as well.

Next week, all of them will be appearing as guests on Mu~Comi+. It’s a program broadcasted on nippon housou every Monday to Thursday from 24:00-24:53 Japan time. They will be appearing in the order of aki, minako, haruka and ayahi from Monday to Thursday respectively. Most probably we will be able to hear the new songs from the singles. Do check it out if you have the time.


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