The Ghost Note of Flumpool

Hohohoi~ ppl . Usokani here. Just feel like introducing two songs that really appeal to me.

First we have ” Boku kimi believer” by Ghost Note. It is also the theme song for the ongoing drama ” nihonjin no shiranai nihongo ” . The band’s vocalist has a very charismatic torn voice that is slightly high-pitched, which is really suitable for doing the music genre of punk rock.  Here is a pv for it.

(Naka Riisa is awesome by the way)

Next we have ” kimi ni todoke ” by flumpool. It is the theme song for the Movie  ” kimi ni todoke “, which is the live adaptation of the popular shoujo manga . ( Now you know why it is the theme song =3=) The band’s vocalist has a rather soft and feminine voice (He’s a guy ) but you can hear the emotion in his singing.  A great song indeed. Short but really nice pv.

(awesome cover for Flumpool’s single)

You can always check out boku kimi believer and kimi ni todoke at cdjapan if you are interested.


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