Nakagawa Shoko’s 13th Single「Sakura Iro」Tracklist Announced!! ~Shapow~

Hi people, Uso here. Going back to my 1st love, it has to be shokotan!

Of course I am not going to let go of the chance to post about her new single coming out in March.

Sakura Iro will be the 13th single to be released by shokotan and it will be the 1st  “sakura” song she will be doing. (You can refer to Ikimono Gakari for more info on “Sakura” songs…theirs are freakin’ awesome.)

The cover for the single has not been revealed yet so please be patient people.

The track list is as shown below :

■中川翔子 13th Single「桜色」

【CD+DVD】SRCL-7251~52 ¥1,575 (With tax)
【CD only】SRCL-7254 ¥1,223 (With tax)

【CD+DVD】【CD only】収録曲
01. 桜色・・・作詞:meg rock 作曲:磯崎健史 編曲:川口圭太
02. マシュマロ・・・作詞:meg rock 作曲:山本陽介 編曲:川口圭太
03. ラベンダー・・・作詞:meg rock 作曲:齋藤真也 編曲:齋藤真也
04. 桜色 ‒Instrumental-
05. マシュマロ ‒Instrumental-
06. ラベンダー ‒Instrumental-

So the tracklist is basically :

01. Sakura Iro
02. Marshmallow
03.  Lavender
04. Sakura Iro -Instrumental-
05. Marshmallow -Instrumental-
06.  Lavender -Instrumental-

Like most singles, the DVD will include the PV for Sakura Iro and the making of the PV.

Of course you can always go to the official site to see it or you can always be a man and order the single right here. <(^.^<)


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