Super Robot Wars Game for PS3!!

So the SRW game for PS3 was revealed to be the 4th game of the OG series.

That means ONLY BANPRESTO ORIGINALS will be in this game. This also means that you can’t see the likes of Shin Getter and Mazinger in High-Def, sad. However, this doesn’t mean that the game will suck, from the previous 3 games in the series, it has proven that you don’t need any Getter Rays and Rocket Punches to be successful in a SRW game, so you guys can play that to experience the…experience ! ( IT’S FUN! THATS WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY!)

From the screenshot shown, it seems that Alt Eisen Riese has returned yet again! Nothing is more fun than to see it piercing robots with his Revolving Stake!

Also :

The Gespensts will get their upgrades!!! RUSSELL (The guy in the screen) might finally prove to be useful!! For your info, this upgrade is taken from A.C.E Portable and its basically an armament that specializes in heavy artillery and beam attacks. The other Gespensts will also be upgraded, no worries.

And lastly :

The new robots!! The first one seems to be the new robot from the DGG-series. It has a body that is a combination of Aussentier and DaiRaiOh with a head that looks like an combination of DygenGuard and DaiRaiOh! Anyway it seems that its controlled by an AI called S-LZAI and is attacking Aussentier with a martial art kick. I guess it might be the mech for Touma Kanou in this universe or it might be the rival to DaiRaiOh. I can’t wait!

I have no info on the other one, but it seems like a combination of Weiss Ritter and Alt Eisen and it also uses Revlover STAKE!!! Sadly, thats all i know (T~T)

Are you guys READY for some Robo Action? I am definitely ready and waiting to get some!!


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