Kamisama no Memocho Episode 1: Review

Hello. Valmur here, taking some time off my busy schedule to give you a review of the first episode of this summer’s new anime: Kamisama no Memocho.

In a nutshell, this WHOLE anime revolves around a groups of NEETs solving some criminal cases in the city of Tokyo. (Yeah…the police usually suck in anime.)

Well if you’ve watched the first episode or at least the first 20 minutes of the episode, most of the prominent characters of the anime have already been shown. For everyone’s benefit I will still just introduce them to you. They are Narumi (The main character), Alice (The self-proclaimed NEET Detective), Ayaka (Narumi’s Classmate), Hiro-san (The gigolo), Min-san (The female boss of a ramen store), Tetsu-senpai (A high school dropout who’s now a pachinko player), Mukai-san (A military geek) and The Fourth (The leader of a local gang).

While watching the whole of episode 1, I felt that the plot is different  from what I remember and that’s because THIS EPISODE DOESN’T FOLLOW THE FIRST NOVEL AT ALL. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually VERY HAPPY about it because this really shows that the people behind the anime aren’t that lazy.

(Sorry if it feels rushed, I’m trying to avoid as much spoilers as possible).

At the start of the show we are treated to Narumi spouting nonsense about pixels. He will then be involved in a misunderstanding where he is being accused of being the suspect behind a case. Fast forward a bit and we will see Narumi acting all cool on the roof thinking about that incident. He will then meet with Ayaka, his classmate, and is invited to join the Gardening Club.

After school, Ayaka wants to treat Narumi some ice cream and brought him to the ramen store where he meets Hiro-san, Mukai-san, Tetsu-senpai, Min-san and Alice. Here, we will be treated to 20 minutes of character introduction as well as Alice introducing who she is and what she does.

Moving on, we also find out that Alice has discovered something is amiss from a recording of the case (The one where Narumi was mistaken as the suspect) and tells Narumi that the case isn’t over, yet.

Alice tells Narumi and the others that in order to solve the case, they need to find a girl: Shouko. However, doing that isn’t really easy since ‘Shouko’ might be an alias. She assigns different tasks to each member and they begin the solving of this case.

Along the way, Narumi meets The Fourth and his gang members, he was instantly given recognition by the other members for being able to use the computer. (Seriously…)

At the end of the day, Narumi was able to get info from Shouko’s junior, Miku, and they are able to solve the case.

Well..the case is solved and Narumi feels that he is beginning to change his perspective of the bunch of NEETs and…



It’s the only NEET thing to do

Thank you very much :D

Our main heroine Alice

PS : Hope I can improve on writing something like this in the future.


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