Fall Anime Listing ver.1

Hi, I am Valmur,  a member of HR that loves watching ‘ Tiger & Bunny’ XD. Here is the preview of what’s to come this Fall, credits to Cowboybibimbop.

As usual, I shall recommend novel-adaptation series from Dengeki Bunko first :

  1. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – The one that I have been waiting for since its announcement to be animated. Girls in mecha armor (Sort of) fighting… what else can you ask for?
  2. Shakugan No Shana 3 Final Season – The title says it all, one of the best animes that has one of the more memorable heroines ever going into its final season, how will everything come to a end??
  3. [C³] Cube x Cursed x Curious – An action/harem series about a cube who can transform into a flat-chested girl, wanting to remove her curse and become human. 

Other series that caught my attention:

  1. Fate/Zero : The prequel to the popular Fate/Stay Night is here! What happened to Shiro’s Dad before he died and how does it leads up to the even of Fate/Stay Night? We will all find out!
  2. Persona 4 !!! – The popular PS2 game has been animated! There have been mysterious murders occuring in the small town of Inaba whenever there is a fog after a heavy rain.There is also a rumor about a channel that only airs during Midnight called the Midnight Channel which is said that one can see his other half/self inside the TV Screen! Can a group of high school students with a special ability to summon a being called ‘Persona’ stop it?
  3. Shinryaku?Ika Musume – The sequel to the popular Ika Musume series, expect tons of laughter from the Squid Girl !
  4. Working!! – The sequel to Working!, another very nice comedy that I recommended :D
  5. Bakuman 2 – Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi continue their quest to be the best author in JUMP!, a series about mangas and dreams, don’t miss it!
  6. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Yet another novel-adaptation series, yet another comedy :). About a group of students that just have no friends in the school and decided to form Rinjibu, a club for people that have no friends.
  7. Mirai Nikki – Based on the manga with the same name, what happen when you have a cellphone that records your future and you are forced into a game of killing people to determine the successor to a god, thats Mirai Nikki for you :D. Hope there is tons of gore.

Ok, that’s all for the current version of Fall Anime, like last year, I am very excited about Fall to come since that is alot of decent series coming out. (I don’t want my results to come though. T.T)

P.S People please go and watch Usagi Drop! Its a very decent slice of life anime!


3 thoughts on “Fall Anime Listing ver.1

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    • I’m pretty sure Daphaniel, Luxies and Valmur have watched Ika Musume Season 2, I’ve been meaning to watch Season One myself but never really found the time to do so. Haha.

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