Sweet September~

Hi people. Been a real long time since anyone of us here actually posted anything at all.

Before you say ” WHAT THE HELL MAN! THERE’S NOTHING NEW SINCE AUGUST! DAMN YOU ALL AND THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING!” you have to know something – All of us here at Houkago are the laziest group of people you will ever see, so DEAL WITH IT.

Ok, enough with the jokes. August & September was a busy period for us. (Can’t remember why anymore.) and we apologise for not posting much. But still, I will ask of you to stay tuned to us as we will be getting off our lazy asses and actually post something. (Hopefully…)

So till then, here is a pic of Miichan kissing Kasai Tomomi.

and I guess that is all for now, cheerio.

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