Houkago Report, or After School Report, is a blog run by a group of 8 guys that have sold their souls to the material world. Ironically operating from the comfort of our homes, we aim to cover almost anything and everything that pertains to the world around us, though we will be heavily tilted towards the Japanese side of life.

Our pathetic team of 8 include:

Currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic and is enrolled in Computer Engineering.
Likes mainstream anime such as Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail and many more. As such, he loves Katekyo Hitman Reborn! a lot.
Also an avid fan of Sengoku Basara, Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors. As long as there are a lot of hack-and-slash elements, you’ll see him playing it. That is of course the sadistic side of him which you won’t see often.
Is usually a huge liar or real sarcastic person, but you’ll get to know him better through his posts. That is, if he doesn’t screw up.


Currently studying in Innova Junior College.
Normally known as llsh in steam.
A huge fan of Team Fortress 2 and a countless number of games, he will be responsible for posting random news, gaming news as well as gaming related event coverage.

Currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
Enjoys spending his days watching anime, listening to anisongs and seiyuu related web radio shows even though he can barely understand anything.
A fan of Sphere, he prefers to read blogs rather than writing one so don’t expect too much from him.
Currently and always following trends, he ended up knowing more about AKB48 than he initially wanted to. Trying hard to prevent getting dragged into the AKB48 wave.

Currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic.
A devout fan of Cr1TiKaL and his commentary.
Spends most of his time playing games and reading the occasional manga.
Prefers playing RPGs to anything else, though he likes music games as well.
A somewhat casual listener of J-rock/pop, he has since become a fan of AKB48’s 佐藤夏希 and 小嶋陽菜, among various others. He loves Maximum The Hormone as well.
Currently playing too many games for his own good. He’ll be posting more towards the gaming side than anything else.

Currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
No longer watches as much anime or reading manga compared to before.
Listens to his favourite songs repeatedly.
Watches Pokémon Wifi battles when he’s absolutely bored.
Loves.. (Refusing to divulge further information.)
Into twins, tsundere and moe as stated by the other members of this blog.(Absolutely a lie.)

Currently lying low in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
A Mangawota is more of his style, and he’s always looking out for new manga releases even though he knows they will never be completed. (Updates are too slow =3=)
Watching lots of J-drama right now and is trying his best to follow the music trend.
Still in love with Shokotan and wants to fall into the Kotobuki Hole.
Seriously digging jpop and  峯岸 みなみ from AKB48 became his number one oshimen.

Currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic.
Normally known as Hibaki on the internet but is currently known as Valmur.
A huge fan of Valkyrie Profile and Shin Megami Tensei Series as well as the only person in the group who reads novels.


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